Immigration Lawyer’s Predict Rise in Deportation Hearings

This blog expands on yesterday’s on a change in policy by the Trump Administration to add new categories of those who DHS and ICE will place in Deportation Proceedings. Now the list will include those applications, petitions or immigration benefits that were denied. In prior administrations, particularly the Obama Administration, denials of applications for immigration […]

Sanctuary Cities Fight Trump’s Deportation Plans

The current president won election by promising to “build a wall” and deport “murderers, drug dealers and rapists” from Mexico and other Central American countries . Once he was elected he instructed ICE to pick up every undocumented immigrant convicted or even suspected of committing non-violent crimes. Our immigration attorneys have over 25 years of […]

US Visa Applicants must provide travel history and social media

The U.S. State Department has issued instructions to all 120 consulates around the world to require all applicants for tourist visas for both business and tourists to provide up to 15 years of past travel history as well as documents showing their social media and email contacts. Your immigration attorneys have filed business and family […]

Trump’s Expansion Of Deportation Unconstitutional

In past administrations, before the President issued an executive order regarding immigration it was vetted, by among others, White House Counsel, the Justice Department under the attorney General, DHS and other governmental agencies. Many immigration attorneys and other advocates believe his executive orders on immigration are unconstitutional. The new president in order to quickly fulfill […]

Trump Threatens to Revoke Funding for Sanctuary Cities

As the president ramps up deportations in the US by hiring more ICE agents and threatening States and Cities with loss of federal funding for police and other law enforcement, undocumented immigrants feel threatened by this new administration. The administration threats to state and local governments must be met with resistance not compliance. Our immigration […]

Strikes and Protests Over Deportations

The the new administration seeks to ramp up deportations, often against undocumented immigrants with no serious criminal record, Latino communities in Wisconsin are engaged in an economic protest to shut town commercial facilities to protest local law enforcement seeking to aid the Federal Govenrment in deporting parents and spouses of US citizens. For a […]

Presidential Executive Order of Deportation

The new administration’s Executive Order prioritizing those for deportation who have been arrested or suspected of the following: 1. Those on visas arrested for petty crimes, 2. Undocumented immigrants charged with any criminal offense, 3. Those charged with fraud or misrepresentation connected with any official matter, 4. Any act which constitutes a criminal offense. In […]

Immigration Hearings Required for Trump’s Deportation Program

Undocumented workers who have been present in the U.S. for more than 10 years. who are persons of good moral character (having no serious criminal convictions) and who have U.S. citizen family) are entitled to a full hearing or trial in order to present evidence of exceptional or extremely unusual hardship to family in order […]

Deadlock on DAPA but Options Remain

In late June of 2016 the U.S. Supreme Court, with only eight of the usual nine justices present to decide, deadlocked on President Obama’s DAPA program that would have allowed parents of U.S. citizens and residents who have resided continuously in the U.S. since 2010 to have protection from deportation and work authorization. The three […]

Immigration Attorneys Advise Caution in Adjusting Status After Entering U.S. on Visas

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and in San Bernadino, CA, immigration lawyers are advising their clients to exercise caution is attempting to adjust status to permanent residence (through a green card) while remaining in the U.S. For many years spouses and other immediate family of U.S. citizens were able to change […]