Trumps Deportation Plan Becomes Clear

The President’s new executive order, other than excempting DACA recipients from deportation, affects just about every other undocumented immigrant, particularly those who do not have 10 years of presence in the US or American family members: a spouse, children or parents who are residents or citizens. Our immigration lawyers have helped thousands of clients who are placed in immigration court or need waivers or other relief from deportation

And the plan includes current visa holders as in student visa holders or specialty worker visa holders who are arrested or accused of even a minor traffic violation.

The plan seeks to hire an additional 10,000 ICE and border patrol agents to actively seek out undocumented immigrants.

Fortunately, as this article states, anyone living in this country has the right to due process of law. This is particularly crucial to parents of US citizens who have been present for more than10 years. They have a right to a court hearing, as well as representation by an immigration attorney, to weigh the hardship to family members in event of a deportation against the initial violation of law, that is entering the US without benefit of a visa and remaining in the US for one year thereafter.

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