Trump’s Expansion Of Deportation Unconstitutional

In past administrations, before the President issued an executive order
regarding immigration it was vetted, by among others, White House Counsel,
the Justice Department under the attorney General, DHS and other
governmental agencies. Many immigration attorneys and other advocates
believe his executive orders on immigration are unconstitutional.
The new president in order to quickly fulfill his so called campaign
promises to his supporters, bypasses all of these legal safeguards and
instructs his White House Assistants, none of whom have had any
governmental experience, to write up an Executive Order which he signs in
the presence of cameras and issues the orders to DHS and ICE, governmental
agencies charged with deportation instructions.
After his “Muslim Ban” was struck down by the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals, Trump vowed loudly and tweets to “meet them in Court”. Later his
staff agreed to not “meet them in Court” and withdrew the Appeal.
He has since issued additional immigration related executive orders
concerning “Expedited Removal”This order will also be subject to judicial
Our immigration lawyers have assisted numerous undocumented immigrants
with 10 years presence in the US or with a spouse, or child over 21, or a
parent who is either a lawful permanent resident or US citizen has the
right to a court hearing to determine whether they are eligible to remain
in the US and apply for permanent resisdence.

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