Reinstatement of Prior Deportation Orders

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and ICE under President Trump are looking to reinstate 970,000 Orders of Removal and Deportations, over 80 percent of which are involving non-criminal aliens. Over the years many undocumented immigrants with criminal charges have been placed into immigration court following a conviction of a serious crime including Domestic Battery, Drug Convictions and multiple convictions involving theft or driving under the influence. Our immigration attorneys and criminal defense lawyers have experience in representing undocumented immigrants with criminal convictions or those who face future prosecution.

However, in many cases over the years, non-criminal alines have come to the attention of the Immigration Courts in other ways. They could have been apprehending at a factory for working without authorization. They could have filed for adjustment of status through a family member which was denied. Or they may have filed for a work authorization through asylum and been placed into immigration court proceedings and failed to prove a credible fear if they had to return to their home country.

Our immigration Lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience in fighting deportation for our clients.

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