Immigration Lawyers Fight for Bond in Court

When immigration attorneys are defending their clients from deportation, often the first challenge is to obtain a bond for their clients so that they are released from ICE custody and can return home to contest deportation. With a new president the Department of Homeland Security is attempting to deny bond or have bond set so high, $25,000.00 to $35,000.00, an amount most families cannot afford in order to force that family to give up the fight before the court or to conduct a very quick hearing so as to lessen ones chances before the Immigration Judge to remain in the U.S. When one is released on bond, there is usually much more time to fight decoration as those who remain detained in custody usually have their cases expedited.

If a reasonable bond amount can be reached and that is done with an immigration lawyer arguing for a low bond in a court hearing, the person being held in jail can be returned to their family and have a year or more to gather evidence to fight deportation.

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