California Law Protects Undocumented Immigrants

Governor Jerry Brown of California signed into law a provision declaring the State of California a Sanctuary City opposed to the Trump Deportation Surge which has relied on local law enforcement to assist ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in detaining and seeking to deport the undocumented. Our immigration attorneys have noticed an increase in the amount of people being detained and placed in removal proceedings during the last year.

The Obama administration had prioritized only criminal aliens for deportation but all that changed after the election whereupon ICE started detaining all undocumented immigrants regardless of a lack criminal convictions, placing a hold on on them preventing bail, often flying them to a distant location in the US, away from family members and seeking to deport them on an expedited basis.

Our Immigration Lawyers are hopeful that California’s new law on Sanctuary will encourage other states, including Nevada to adopt similar policies. Local law enforcement has resisted cooperation with ICE as it discourages immigrants from reporting crimes or assisting police in other law enforcement issues.

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