Immigration Lawyers Contest DACA Rescission

Lawyers representing DACA beneficiaries are asking a federal judge to rule on President Trump’s ending of DACA by Executive Order. Lawyers argue his order is unconstitutional and not properly based on regulations enforcing the Immigration and Nationality Act. Our immigration attorneys were helping hundreds of people who were brought to the U.S. as children, are persons of good moral character, have graduated from high school and are otherwise eligible for the DACA program.

At this point, we are looking at other options for these clients as their work authorization expires. However, there is hope that the program could be restored or the rescission put on hold by a number of these law suits. For a free consultation, contact our immigration lawyers in Las Vegas at (702) 836-9003 or in Reno, Carson City and Northern Nevada at (775) 826-2099. You may also contact our lead immigration attorney via email by clicking here. 

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