Immigration Attorneys Prevail before Federal Judge

Immigration lawyers convinced a federal court to allow parents whose children were detained at the border and separated from their parent or parents to reapply for asylum a second time and remain in the U.S. until an asylum interview is conducted. According to current law, if the adjudicator determines the family has a credible fear of returning to their home country, they would be entitled to an immigration court hearing with the abiltiy to apply for work authorization while their asylum claim in pending.

Our immigration attorneys in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada prepare our clients for asylum interviews and prepare I-589 asylum applications for clients from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and other countries in South and Central America and all over the world. When one applies for asylum and the application is pending for over 150 days, one is entitled to request employment authorization in order to legally work in the United States.

Our immigration attorneys also represent clients in Immigration Court on cancellation of removal, waiver of inadmissibility and many other family immigration cases and removal defense.

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