Rep. Gutierrez Compromises on Health Care; Looks for Co-Operation on Immigration Reform

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, is among the core leadership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, an informal group that often acts as a bloc to promote the interests of Latinos in the United States. In the closing days of the healthcare reform effort, Gutierrez threatened to withhold his support of HCR–even though he supported it in November–because of the Senate proposal’s unreasonable anti-immigrant provisions. (We have previously commented on these elements of the bill, which are senseless and only hurt immigrants from Las Vegas, Nevada to Albany, New York and everywhere between.)

But with a final vote less than three days away, Gutierrez has agreed to support the HCR legislation. We can only assume that he did so after receiving reasonable assurances that President Obama and the Democratic leadership will take more serious steps toward making comprehensive immigration reform a reality.

Gutierrez has shown a practical side here, but he shows no signs of backing down completely. Indeed, in a scathing opinion piece on the Huffington Post, Gutierrez takes Obama to task for being an even more harsh, retrograde president on immigration issues than his predecessor.

We think President Obama is more dedicated to immigration reform than his enforcement record indicates. In fact, we view his increased enforcement efforts as an intentional counterweight intended to balance the political fallout of taking a bold stand on CIR. After over a year of Bush-era policies and nearly 400,000 deportations, we look forward to the momentum the March 21 rally in Washington will create for reform.

You can join the reform movement at Reform Immigration FOR America. To learn more about how CIR can impact you and your loved ones, please contact us today in Reno or Las Vegas.

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