Greater Protection by Asylum for Abused Women

The Asylum office under President Obama opened the door to immigrant women who have been abused by their spouse to apply for asylum. If granted asylum they would be eligible for work authorization and to apply for permanent residence The asylum office under President Bush was not granting asylum in these types of cases according to a New York Times article dated July 15, 2009.

Government lawyers under President Obama’s direction have stated “it is possible” that women who have experienced domestic violence could qualify for asylum.

“This really opens the door to the protection of women who have suffered these kinds of violations,” said Karen Musalo, a professor who is director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco states that this new policy gives women who have suffered abuse would have greater protection under this new policy.

Battered women would have to have proof of abuse, fear of further abuse if they returned to their home country and proof that authorities in their home country are either unwilling or unable to protect them.

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  1. I have a cousin who got married to US citizen and would like to know what it would cost her to get assistance from you. Her husband is a retiree, receives SS pension, lives in Las Vegas but she works as a live in caregiver in Southern California to support her family financially. She comes home to LV whenever she can. Thanks.

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    Your cousin’s case is a tricky one, mainly because the couple is living several hours apart. With that kind of long-distance relationship, it becomes harder to prove that the marriage is bona fide and also that separation would cause hardship (say, in an I-601 waiver case).

    Please have your cousin give us a call so she can conference with the attorney the next time she is in Las Vegas. Mr. Carrico will be able to tell her what her best options are and he can also explain what the costs would be.

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