Speaking to Las Vegas Hispanics, Reid Shows Latinos his Dedication to Immigration Reform

Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid, who is in a tight race for re-election against a right-wing Republican, spoke to Hispanic activists yesterday at an event about immigration in Las Vegas. In response to a question about immigration policy, Reid opined that he doesn’t understand how any Hispanic voter could be a Republican, given the party’s support for tough anti-immigrant policies such as Arizona’s harsh SB 1070 and its blockage of proposals for major immigration reform.

Reid was criticized for the comments, but his campaign did not back down from them. Congressional Republicans are preparing for a showdown on comprehensive immigration reform, the Reid Campaign said, and Reid said that he is ready for a battle like the one he waged — and won — on healthcare reform. Although many Americans support laws like Arizona’s controversial new policy, there is also broad support for immigration reforms to address the estimated 11-12 million unauthorized immigrants currently in the country.

Reid is also calling the Senate back into session from recess, as did his colleague Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, to authorize funding for 1,200 to 1,500 additional troops to patrol the US-Mexico border.

Reid remains confident about his actions on immigration reform: he is funding greater border security, moving forward on legislation for CIR, and treating the immigrant community with respect. His Republican opponent Sharron Angle has so far only endorsed enforcement without major changes and is now clamoring to strip the children of immigrants of their U.S. citizenship. Nevada voters have a stark choice this November.

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