Nevadans Undecided as Angle Flops, Reid Steers Toward DREAM Act

This year was supposed to be the end of Sen. Harry Reid, according to the conventional wisdom in American politics. Reid, who is seeking his fifth six-year term in the U.S. Senate, has narrowly won several previous re-election races and has been targeted by the Republican establishment as their top target in the 2010 elections. Despite his record of stopping the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository and serving Nevada with millions of dollars’ worth of federal funding, Reid is unpopular in our mercurial state and seemed headed for defeat by any Republican challenger. But then Sharron Angle won the Republican nomination, and her extreme positions and several campaign blunders have made the race an even one again. Angle is increasingly seen negatively by Nevadans, and Reid is attracting the support of the immigrant community and others as he stands for real reform of our immigration system, immigration reform, and the DREAM Act.

Angle’s history of fringe political views and her penchant for batty comments have allowed Reid to pull even with her in recent polling. Although Reid had been polling several points below generic Republicans in the early months of 2010, he has erased Angle’s five-point lead and since mid-July has been polling about three points over his opponent.

In a recent interview, Sharron Angle attempted to present a more groomed persona. She was halting and reserved, relying on safe and pre-approved responses to questions and offering little new evidence of the kind of senator she would be. Some of Angle’s recent unplanned remarks have caused problems for her, such as suggesting armed revolt if Reid wins reelection and supporting changes to the Fourteenth Amendment to deny citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. Rather than join the discussion of serious comprehensive immigration reform, Angle has chosen to jump on the anti-immigrant bandwagon and compete with others in trying to jeer the loudest at unauthorized immigrants.

With the importance of the Latino vote growing every day, Angle’s insensitivity may be Reid’s salvation. Reid has long been an ally of the immigrant community, and Angle seems to have calculated that whipping middle-class Nevadans into a fervor over an imagined enemy is a stronger campaign strategy. As November approaches, Nevadans will decide which method they favor.

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