ICE to Crackdown on Employers Hiring Illegal Workers

In an attempt to crackdown on illegal immigrant labor, the Department of Homeland Security looks to step up enforcement on employers that knowingly hire illegal workers according to the New York Times.

Orders are expected to be handed down to Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices soon instructing immigration agents to investigate employers and supervisors for illegal hiring practices “through the use of carefully planned criminal investigations.”

Under the Bush administration, officials said, most raids were conducted largely on the basis of tips that an employer was hiring illegal workers, rather than on information gleaned from audits of employer records or undercover investigations. As a result, agents rounded up thousands of illegal immigrants but rarely developed the evidence necessary to show whether businesses were knowingly using illegal labor.

A crackdown like this shows that the Obama Administration takes the issue of immigration seriously but with reforms most likely a year or two away, workers using false social security numbers or other documentation should consult an attorney in order to get their documents in order. Without proper documentation the right to work and live in the United States can be revoked.

Immigrants without proper documentation including a work permit, green card or naturalization certificate are able to adjust status, especially if they have spouse who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident; or the immigrant has been in the US for 10 years

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