Immigration Reforms and the Dream Act

Each and every year since it was introduced as a Bill in Congress, our Senators and Representatives in Congress have failed to pass the Dream Act which would protect innocent children who entered the U.S. with their parents while under the age of 16, have graduated from high school and are about to or have enrolled in college or desire to serve their country. Can you think of a more deserving group to protect from deportation? And yet year after year Congress refuses to  help. In the last Congressional session, when the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives it did pas there but the Senate, with its 60 vote rule to pass any legislation, was unable to do so because of minority opposition of the Republicans. What other country has legislative rules which prohibit a majority to get a bill passed into law?

But at last there may be some hope to these deserving young students. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Senator Dick Durban of Illinois have asked President Obama to instruct DHS and ICE to with hold deportation of these young men and women.  (Please see related article from the New York Times.) While this has yet to take place nationwide in some areas of the country: Texas and Florida, and perhaps Nevada if Senator Reid has anything to do with it, may allow these students who come forward voluntarily to obtain a work permit and wait in the United States until Congress gets around to adopting this legislation.

However, this development should not lead anyone to take this course of addition without first consulting with an immigration lawyer experienced  with these political and legal issues.
Our firm is currently on the lookout for any students in this category to take the first step, with our help to see if this can be done.

If you or a loved one is a member of this group of students kindly talk to us about perhaps taking this step for you. You may contact me at  or by calling our offices: Las Vegas (702) 836-9003, Reno and Northern Nevada at (775) 826-2099 and San Francisco (415) 310-1226

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