U.S. President and Nevada Senator fail to enact Immigration Reforms

During the Congressional break in late 2010 the President was able to get some laws enacted before the Republicans obtained control of the House of Representatives. He and Senator Reid were not able to get immigration reforms passed. Not even the Dream Act. In addition, despite the pleas of many Hispanic organizations which helped get the President elected in 2008 and Senator Reid re elected in 2010, the President has refused to lessen the amount of illegal who are deported each year. In fact deportation and removal have gone up since Obama became President.

Now we hear from a group meeting with the President that he will not even take executive authority to order his cabinet, including the attorney general and department of homeland security to back off deporting illegal aliens. And ICE is starting to fine employers who hire illegal’s, even if those illegal’s have U.S. citizen children to support.

Obama: Immigration reform stalled by GOP

“Some Hispanic leaders have urged Obama to use his executive authority to slow deportation of illegal immigrants, something the president has been unwilling to do. He reiterated that discomfort on Monday, saying end-runs around Congress are “not how our system works.” “Change it!” came a call from the audience.” Politico, July 25, 2011.

U.S. citizen spouses and parents have a right to file for their loved ones to petition for a Waiver to reenter the United States with permanent residence. (I 601 Waivers ) In addition illegal’s who have been in the U.S. for 10 years or more and have a spouse or a child or children who are U.S. citizens to file for a work permit and a green card through U.S Immigration Court.

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